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Charity Timeline

The Coroners' Courts Support Service has come a long way since the concept was formed in 2002. We started our services in Westminster and nearly a decade later we have an active service in 22 jurisdictions, starting in the South of England and developing further afield in more recent years. Below are some of our milestones - we are sure there will be many more to come.

July 2002 - Initial meeting with Dr. Paul Knapman, H.M. Coroner for Westminster, to discuss starting a pilot scheme in his Court.

January 2003 - Inception of the CCSS in the Westminster Coroner’s Court.

October 2004 - The Service opens in the Inner London Coroner’s Courts of St Pancras, Southwark and West London.

December 2005 - CCSS worked in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police on Operation Bracknell that was the Inquest held on the Tsunami victims at Olympia Conference Centre. 

April 2006 - Part-time coordinator employed.

January 2007 - CCSS opens at the Essex Coroner’s Court opens in the Essex Coroner’s Court at the specific request of the Coroner.

June 2007 - The CCSS wins the Research, Advice and Support Sector at The 2007 Charity Awards.

August 2007 - The Coroners in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes agree to the Service opening in their Jurisdictions.

January 2008 - Meeting with Ms Bridget Prentice, MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice to explain the CCSS to her and discuss our plans for expansion.  Core funding requested.

January 2008 - Winner of Volunteer Centre Westminster’s Most Innovative Volunteering Programme.

February 2008 - CCSS opens in the Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Jurisdictions.

June 2008 - The Coroners in Surrey and Berkshire agree to the CCSS opening in their Jurisdictions.

July 2008 - Part time Deputy Coordinator appointed for the London Courts.

April 2009 - Ms. Bridget Prentice, MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice, speaks at the A.G.M.

May 2009 - Part Time Counties Coordinator appointed.

September 2009 - Volunteers being recruited for the Surrey and Berkshire Courts. Meeting with Cambridgeshire County Council following a request to open the Se rvice in their two jurisdictions.               

November 2009 - Meeting with Kent County Council who had requested the setting up of the CCSS in their four Jurisdictions.

December 2009 - Opening of CCSS in Surrey Court.

January 2010 - Visit to Central & South East Kent Jurisdiction to meet the Coroner and discuss implementation of CCSS in her Court. Agreements received from both Cambridgeshire Jurisdictions and Central & South East Kent to set up the Service as soon as possible.  To start the process in June 2010.

April 2010 - Volunteers being recruited for Cambridgeshire Jurisdictions.

June 2010 - Recruitment starts for Central & South East Kent.  CCSS also receives the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

August 2010 - Visit to Oxfordshire Jurisdiction and agreement received from the Coroner to set up the CCSS in his Court.

October 2010 - Coordinator appointed.

November 2010 - Recruitment starts for Mid-Kent & Medway and Oxfordshire Jurisdictions.  Setting up the Service in these Courts commences.

January 2011 - CCSS approached by the Coroners for the City of Liverpool and Greater Manchester South to set up the Service in their Courts. Their invitations were accepted if funding costs could be obtained and meetings arranged to discuss this.

June 2011 - Recruitment underway to develop the Service in the City of Liverpool and Stockport Coroner's Courts.

October 2011 - Opening of the service in Liverpool and Stockport

December 2011 - Meeting with the Coroner for Avon inviting us to set the service up

January 2012 - Recruitment starts for Bristol, Bedford and Dunstable

May 2012 - Opening of the service in Bedford and Dunstable

June 2012 - Opening of the service in Bristol

August 2012 - Launch of new CCSS website

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