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How we spend your donations

It takes approxaimtely four months each to set up a service in a new location. This input of time requires a great amount of money and your generous donations are used in the following ways.

Training our volunteers

  • Each potential volunteer has between 4-7 days of observing Inquests
  • Potential volunteers will then ‘shadow’ an experienced volunteer before being shadowed themselves by an experienced volunteer to gain confidence and an understanding of what the role entails
  • Potential volunteers undertake 3 further days of formal training
  • Formal interviews are conducted and references are taken up
  • Volunteers are managed, supported and supervised by members of appropriately experienced staff
  • Volunteers attend team meetings and further training opportunities
  • Volunteers are also invited to attend the Annual Volunteer Conference

Staff Remuneration

  • Our four members of staff recruit, manage, support and supervise all of the volunteers and attend local volunteer team meetings
  • The staff members also meet with the Coroners and Coroner’s Officers to gain feedback and to ensure an effective, high quality service is being provided
  • All training is developed and delivered in-house by the staff members
  • We produce policies and procedures which includes standards of service to ensure a professional service is being delivered
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