To support practically and emotionally the family and other witnesses attending the Coroners’ Courts.
Registered Charity Number: 1105899 +44 (0)300 111 2141

My name is Angela and I have been volunteering for the CCSS for over 7 years. I do a similar role with the family and civil courts and have an interest in bereavement and support work. I also thought the role at the CCSS sounded interesting, and a way of developing/gaining skills and experience. They are the reasons I applied.

I find the role interesting, and very humbling. To hear of the last moments of somebody’s life and of someone’s life, can be moving and is a unique experience each time.

I have also gained new friends, skills, experiences and opportunities. Training was a good team bonding experience, and was both interesting and fun.

Despite the nature of the volunteering, I find the role rewarding and enjoyable, giving me the opportunity to reflect.

I would recommend volunteering with the CCSS to anybody, who feels they can work with people in a supportive, non-judgemental way, doing a role that can be unique, interesting and challenging.