To support practically and emotionally the family and other witnesses attending the Coroners’ Courts.
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Complaints, Concerns and Feedback

We’d like to hear from you if you have a complaint, concern or want to feedback about our national helpline, local telephone support or the service you received from our volunteers at the Coroner’s Court.

We want to address any complaints, concerns and feedback you may have as quickly and effectively as possible. These may be about our people, our helpline, local telephone support, the service provided at a coroner’s court or the way we raise or spend money. This page tells you how you can make a complaint, raise a concern or give us feedback.

Your privacy

The Coroners’ Courts Support Service is committed to privacy and will use personal data for the purpose it was collected or other legitimate purposes we tell you about. For example: to provide support to you via our helpline and webchat; volunteer services at court or information you have requested; or to administer donations or services we provide.

For full details about how we use personal data, our legal basis for doing so and your privacy rights, please see our Privacy Notice.

Send us feedback

How we use feedback to learn and improve

We are committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of our work. We use all feedback anonymously to help us learn and improve our services. If you have fed back a positive experience to us, we will make sure the right team or individual receives this feedback. If you have had a negative experience, we will explore this with the relevant individuals to inform potential improvements.

How to raise a concern or make a complaint

To complain write to:

Please provide as much information as you can about your concern/complaint.

Please provide:

We will acknowledge your concern/complaint within 48 hours of receiving your complaint and we will aim to deal with it within seven working days.

If you are not satisfied with the response you can ask for the Chief Executive of The Coroners’ Courts Support Service to consider your complaint. We will explain how to do this.

The Chief Executive will acknowledge the complaint within 48 hours of receiving the complaint and respond within seven working days or a response explaining why we might need more time to investigate the complaint. If you are unhappy with the Chief Executive’s decision, the complaint can be raised with the Board of Trustees. We will explain how to do this.

If a concern/complaint has been raised by, or about, a child or young person under 18 or an adult at risk, we take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the individual, in line with our Safeguarding Policy.

We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal and sensitive information, in line with our Privacy Notice. Only those who are involved with responding to your concern, complaint or feedback will be made aware of it.

Our full Complaints, Concerns & Feedback Policy can be found here.

Your rights If you are unhappy with our response

If you are unhappy with the response you have received to your initial concern or complaint, please let us know as we would like the chance to try and make it right.

You also have the right to contact any of these organisations for further help:

The Charity Commission

Regulates charities in England and Wales or email

The Charity The Fundraising Regulator

Regulates fundraising practice in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Information Commissioner's Office

Regulate information rights practices