To support practically and emotionally the family and other witnesses attending the Coroners’ Courts.
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Legacies & Donations

Once you have considered your friends and family please consider leaving a life-changing gift to the Coroners’ Courts Support Service (CCSS). Making a donation to a charity in your Will is known as legacy giving or leaving a legacy gift. Legacy giving accounts for a large percentage of the income of many of Britain’s best-known charities.

By leaving a legacy gift to the CCSS you could help to make a difference to the lives of others at a very difficult time while helping us to continue and grow the services we offer the community.

If you plan to remember the CCSS in your Will you should seek the advice of a solicitor or other professional advisor. If you already have a Will, it is simple to change it. To learn more about making a Will and to find a reputable solicitor in your local area go to:

Please think about including the CCSS in your Will. Every gift counts, no matter how small, and will make a real impact. Your gift could be used to recruit and train new volunteers or to develop the service in a Court that currently does not have the benefit of the CCSS support for families and witnesses. You could help us work towards a future where everyone attending an Inquest has access to independent emotional and practical support.

Following the death of my mother in hospital, the Coroner decided that an Inquest should be held.

My four siblings and I received leaflets from the Court outlining the procedure, but were all equally daunted at the prospect of attending an Inquest, particularly as we were emotionally tender having lost Dad as well shortly before the Inquest.

 On arrival at the Court we were greeted by two volunteers from the Coroners’ Courts Support Service (CCSS), who made us all feel most welcome and at ease.   They explained in simple terms the Inquest procedures, described the Courtroom, showed us the facilities, lifts, stairs, toilets etc. advised us on how to address the Coroner, take the oath in the Witness Box and answered any questions we had – no matter how silly they may have seemed.

 During the Inquest, there was a volunteer in the Court with us throughout and it was most reassuring knowing that we could get their support and advice should we need it.

 The CCSS is a wonderful charity, providing a much needed service, at a time of stress and upset. We couldn’t have got through the day without them.

For more information on including the CCSS in your Will, types of legacy or how to make a Codicil, please download our factsheets.  Please note that these factsheets are for information purposes and not templates.

If you need information on wills and probate when someone dies please use the link to the Law Society website below.

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