To support practically and emotionally the family and other witnesses attending the Coroner’s Courts.
Registered Charity Number: 1105899 +44 (0)300 111 2141

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How you can help
There are many ways you can support CCSS including donations, organising sponsored fundraising events and activities and by spreading the word to ensure as many people as possible are made aware of our work.
Donate to us through BT MyDonate

One-off Payment

You can donate by going to

Payroll Giving

If your employer, company or personal pension provider runs a Payroll Giving scheme, you can donate straight from your wages or pension.  This happens before tax is deducted from your income.

Ask your employer or pension provider if they run a Payroll Giving Scheme.


You can learn more about Legacy Donations here

Corporate Sponsorship
CCSS does not, at present, receive any government or lottery funding.  Along with public donations, we are most reliant on funding gained through corporate partnerships and legacies.

We are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from corporate partners. Corporate partnerships are crucial in helping us to achieve our current and future goals in regard to offering emotional and practical support to families and other witnesses attending inquests and ensuring that the services we offer them remain free.

In order to sustain the help and advice we offer people in the UK we invite your business to share and support our vision and join us in whatever ways you can to help us achieve our aims.

A corporate partnership with CCSS is a fantastic way to benefit your company as well as raising awareness and money to fund our services. We offer high-profile exposure to a charitable cause while the benefits to you include the promotion of a positive company image both internally and externally, brand differentiation and increased customer loyalty.

If you would like more information on becoming a Corporate Sponsor please email our Director; Beverley Radcliffe at or call +44 (0)300 111 2140.

Gift Aid
If you pay UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax, by signing a Gift Aid declaration you can make your donation worth at least 20% more to CCSS at no extra cost to you.

When you donate, you will be asked to confirm whether you are a UK taxpayer. CCSS can then reclaim the tax on any donations you have made to us in the last six years and all future donations made by you to us.

Please note that tax can only be reclaimed on donations made by individuals who pay UK income or capital gains tax at least equal to the amount reclaimed on their donations in the current tax year. As you have donated this money to charity, it is a tax-free amount and will not affect your tax status at the end of the year.

Donors must remember to sign a Gift Aid declaration. An estimated £750million goes unclaimed when donors forget to do this. During a recession this money can make a world of difference to charities such as ours.

Please click here if you would like to know more about volunteering with us.

Thank you for your support!