To support practically and emotionally the family and other witnesses attending the Coroners’ Courts.
Registered Charity Number: 1105899 +44 (0)300 111 2141
What does one do when having served as a volunteer in the community comes to an end? The answer is simple; you look for a continuation of rewarding work. And what can be more rewarding than providing support and empathy to relatives and friends of a deceased loved one.

On retirement from the bench having served for 23 years and worked for the Citizens Advice Centre, I was at a loss on how to occupy my time having always dealt with people in one capacity or another.

Thankfully, I spotted the advertisement seeking volunteers for the CCSS. Having attended an interview and observed the proceedings in the coroner’s court, I was hooked and decided that this is what I wanted to do.

Having served for some time in this role I find that I am learning all the time and I look forward to the interaction with the bereaved families and the support and camaraderie of both the court staff and the coroners alike.

I would recommend this role to anyone who is looking to put something back into society and reap the rewards of providing help to someone at a time when they most need it.